The Pattern

We Believe No Career Is The Same.

VantagePoint advises not only on your next career move but also considers your mid to long-term objectives. Looking at the intersection of your skills and experience combined with your personal and professional ambitions, creating a trajectory best fitting your goals.

The Pattern

Many recruiting organizations have failed to advance from a ‘tunnel vision’ approach where industry specialists work in separate silos. We’ve assisted many professionals build successful careers within the consulting, financial and corporate sectors while advising our clients on positioning themselves to attract top talent.

Consulting Firms
  • Strategy firms / Boutique / Specialized firms
  • Big4
  • Information technology / Digital
  • Advertising / HR
  • Law firms
Financial Institutions
  • Investment banks / Securities / Commercial and retail banks
  • Private equity / Venture capital
  • Asset management / Hedge funds/ Pension funds
  • Real estate / Insurance
Corporate Brands
  • Food & beverage / FMCG / Manufacturing
  • Luxury / Retail
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical Device / Healthcare
  • IT
  • Pre IPO, Mid cap & High growth startups

Recent positions

Why Do People Work With Us?

Recruiting the human way

We are not in the business of filling as many positions as possible only to disappear immediately after a candidate has been successfully hired. Unlike many, we value relationships, never treating our candidates as commodities, while taking immense pride in helping them achieve their long-term career goals.

Helping you get your dream job—and thrive in it

Our consultants will provide you with detailed coaching and insights helping you be your best during the interview process. We don’t stop there. Our team will continue to be proactive after you have joined your new company to ensure the right fit and integration.

Career Planning

As a talent acquisition firm, our services extend beyond traditional recruitment. We combine bespoke career coaching and step-by-step planning aimed at delivering true strategic value to your career development.

Candidates we helped make the right move

How It Works



Meeting for a counselling session with one of our consultants who will help you understand your market value and the current hiring environment. Our team will then advise you to find a suitable opportunity aligned to your goals.



VantagePoint takes the time to listen and truly guide you to the best-suited opportunity. We prepare you for a carefully selected role with our strategic hiring partners.



Continuous feedback: interviews -> negotiations - > offer. We will be your partner at each stage seeking to secure the best possible conditions—on your behalf.



Ongoing advice, industry mapping, career partnership—we are here to support you over the long run.


I am not actively looking for a new role right now, is it still okay to request a counselling session?

Absolutely! Please do not hesitate to register or simply contact us for any questions, we are always happy to have an information exchange session. We are in the business of creating long term, win-win relationships.

Do you have positions for firms outside of Japan or global branches of Japanese firms?

We continue to have roles in Hong Kong, South East Asia, Greater China, India, Africa and Brazil.

Is it possible to request a Japanese person as I feel more comfortable speaking in Japanese?

Definitely. We have several native Japanese speakers, as well as fully bilingual foreigners.

I am currently living abroad. Can I register?

Absolutely. We have assisted many candidates living overseas transition back to Japan, China and SEA.

How long does the recruiting process usually take?

It really depends on the organization you are applying to, the role and urgency of the hire. Typically the process requires 1-2 months to complete.

What are some advantages of moving into consulting?

Think of consulting as a corporate MBA—but you don’t have to pay tuition! Consulting can help elevate your career, earning potential and put you on an executive leadership path. It is the ultimate career accelerator.

What can I expect for my future career if I join a consulting firm?

Hard work, excellent learning environment, interesting topics that constantly change with the economy and a team-oriented approach to solving problems.

What is compensation like in a consulting firm?

Consulting is second only to finance in compensation with experienced Partners making over $1M USD a year. A challenging but financially rewarding industry that looks for the best of the best.

What type of professional usually works at a consulting firm?

People that come from top 10-15 ranked universities in their home country, problem solvers, performance-driven individuals, team players, effective communicators, passionate about client services but most importantly—professionals who strive to become future leaders and entrepreneurs.

How important is an MBA to joining a consulting firm?

Not a requirement but very helpful if entering strategic consulting firms.

What can I learn from working in consulting?

You will learn the process involved in solving critical issues facing major companies, help businesses enter and thrive in new markets and learn effective communication skills with senior managers.

What are the differences between "strategy" firms and Big4?

Strategy firms are best known for covering CxO agenda while BIG 4 are immersed in specialized functionalities like Audit, Tax, M&A, valuation, SCM, IT, Due Diligence and BPR/BPO.

Are you designing
your career?

Even if you’re not actively looking for a new opportunity, please reach out to discuss different strategies and ask how we can assist you with your long-term career vision.

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