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Vantage Point's mission is to help professionals identify the best possible work environment, matching them with our strategic partners for long term growth and development. 


Our mission is to help you capture substantial professional success for today, tomorrow and years to come.



VantagePoint's philosophy is driven from a passion to put clients and candidates first; creating long term strategic relationships with all our partners.




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Meet for a counseling session with one of our recruiters to understand your market value and the current environment. Our team will advise and match a suitable opportunity for you.


VantagePoint prepares you for a targeted role with our strategic partners.  


Continuous feedback: pre-offer --> negotiations --> closing

We will partner with you to secure best possible conditions on your behalf.


Ongoing advice, industry mapping, career partnership. We are here to support you.



Major Japanese Utility Provider  ⇒  Management Consulting Firm

How we helped:

Placed: Associate, major strategy firm

Current role: Partner



Identified a candidate that spent his entire prior career with a major Japanese utility and introduced him to a strategic consulting firm. The candidate recently became a Partner in his new firm.

Corporate ⇒ Consulting Firm

How we helped:

Placed: Senior Associate BIG4

Age: 34

Compensation Increase: 25%


A candidate coming from a major multinational high tech's SCM team, wanted to take a new challenge. We effectively placed him into a BIG4  within one month from the start of the process.

BIG4 Consulting Firm ⇒ Strategy Consulting Firm

How we helped:

Placed: Engagement Manager

Age:  30

Compensation Increase: 11%


This candidate started his career in audit, transitioned to restructuring but eventually wanted a role in management consulting. We were able to identify his transferable skill-set to strategy and help coach him throughout the process. Since joining he has been promoted to Project Leader and continues to do well.

Mega Bank ⇒ BIG4 Consulting Firm

How we helped:

Placed: M&A and valuation services, BIG4

Age: 38

Compensation Increase: 22%


Worked successfully with a Vice President from a Japanese Mega Bank to join a BIG4 where he entered the firm as a Director, assigned to build and lead a new team with a significant 22% salary increase.

Strategy Consulting Firm  ⇒ Japanese Consumer Company

How we helped:

Placed: Director, Japanese FMCG

Age: 37


This candidate was introduced to us through another happy professional we previously worked with. She had spent most of her career with a top management consulting firm and wanted a new challenge with a global Japanese brand. Our team helped her successfully transition and she was the first female Director the company had hired from outside



I am not aggressively thinking to move, but is it okay to request a counselling session?

Sure you can! Please do not hesitate to register or simply contact us for any questions, always happy to have an information exchange session. We are in the business of creating long term relationships.

Do you have positions for firms outside of Japan or global branches of Japanese firms?

We continue to have roles in Hong Kong, South East Asia, Greater China, India, Africa and Brazil.

Is it possible to request a Japanese person as I feel more comfortable speaking in Japanese.

Definitely. We have several native Japanese speakers, as well as foreigners who are fully bilingual. 

I am living abroad currently. Can I register?

Absolutely. We have assisted many candidates living overseas transition back to Japan, China and SEA.

How long does recruiting process take usually?

It really depends on the organization you are applying to, the role and urgency of the hire. Typically the process requires 1-2 months to complete.

What are some advantages of moving into consulting?

Think of consulting as a corporate MBA—but you don’t have to pay tuition! Consulting can help elevate your career, earning potential and put you on an executive leadership path. It is the ultimate career accelerator.

What can I expect for my future career if I join a consulting firm?

Hard work, excellent learning environment, interesting topics that constantly change with the economy and a team orientated approach to solving problems.

What is compensation like in a consulting firm?

Consulting is second only to finance in compensation with experienced Partners making over 1M USD a year. A very challenging but financially rewarding industry that looks for the very best of the best.

What type of professional usually works at a consulting firm?

People that come from top 10-15 ranked Universities in their home country, problem solvers, performance driven individuals, team players, effective communicators, passionate about client services but  most importantly--professionals who strive to become future leaders and entrepreneurs.

How important is an MBA to joining a consulting firm?

Not a requirement but very helpful if entering strategic consulting firms.

What can I learn from working in consulting?

You will learn the process involved in solving critical issues facing major companies, help businesses enter and thrive in new markets and learn effective communication skills with senior managers.

What are the differences between "strategy" firms and BIG4?

Strategy firms are best known for covering CXO agenda while BIG 4 are immersed in specialized functionalities like valuation, SCM, IT, Due Diligence and BPR/BPO.

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